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    PA Starts Pushing Yellow Dot Program

    People drive nearly everyday of their lives and sadly it has become one of the most dangerous activities for a person to do.  First responders are continuously improving their skills, techniques, and equipment to save lives during motor vehicle accidents, but no one has truly found a way to improve the situation when the victim is unresponsive or confused, until now.  When a responder can not place a name, medical history, or allergy list to the victim then all of a sudden common medical problems can be overlooked and life saving medicines can kill.

    Recently PA rolled out it's "Yellow Dot" program.  This program is designed to give responders and emergency room staff the information they need when someone's world gets turned upside down.  The program is based not only around providing responders with patient information, but standardizing the delivery of the information with the markings to show that it is there to begin with.

    We highly recommend this to all of our residents and are already training our members to recognize the markings and what to do if they see the "Yellow Dot".  This program is even more life changing for people who have medical conditions that may affect their mental status, such as diabetes, dementia, brain injuries, etc.

    The program itself is free and the steps to sign up can be found on our website here: Click to visit our Yellow Dot Info Page

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