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    Lee Road Brush Fire

    Around 11:00AM on August 10th, Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company was dispatched for our Brush Tanker (our Heavy Brush Truck) to assist Mocanaqua's Fire Company with a large brush fire.  Once en route, crews realized that the fire was larger than a average brush fire as more and more units were being dispatched for response.  The fire itself was not only growing at a fast pace, it was also located down a nearly inaccessible access road.  Below is a list of units that we know were at the fire:

    • 118 Mocanaqua Volunteer Fire Company
    • 218 Pond Hill-Lily Lake Volunteer Fire Company
    • 137 Hanover Township Fire Department
    • 144 Hunlock Creek Volunteer Fire Company
    • 158 Nanticoke Fire Department
    • 163 Newport Township Fire Department
    • 173 Sweet Valley
    • 174 Salem Township Volunteer Fire Company
    • 575 Shickshinny Area Volunteer Ambulance
    • Berwick Medic 95
    • Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)

    Our brush truck was primary assigned to provide water to other units due to our 1,000 gallon water tank, but was also used to provide fire line control at the same time.  The fire was located on the edge of a drop off and was working it's way both down the ledge and across.  Crews battled with the fire for over 7 hours with the harsh terrain providing little aid. While there were multiple minor injuries and heat issues with fire fighters, but EMS on scene was able to keep everyone taken care of and the Red Cross showed up with food and water.

    218containingfire.thumb.jpg.48e21cd85f400e414a041da09ac1aad3.jpgOur brush truck providing fire line control at the start of the incident.

    218supporting118.thumb.jpg.2fdbce49a27f12a15757e469fc9ddab7.jpgProviding water for 118 brush fire crews.

    218filling174.thumb.jpg.fbeced03790f6a1685ddb233cfeb7073.jpgFilling Salem's brush truck.

    otherbrush.thumb.jpg.0969eb928831b3b4ef6a92fda1f82633.jpgBrush trucks from all over the area volunteered their time to provide manpower, equipment, water, and additional resources to try and contain the fire.

    DCNRtrucks.thumb.jpg.4656121eec54c218121ffbfd7c0bc136.jpgPA's DCNR crews arrived to aid volunteer crews in a dry, dusty environment.

    bruntedge.thumb.jpg.f59d2f9d9e8b4d72f13bf32e0f65adb2.jpgHills, cliffs, and rocky ledges allowed the fire to spread out of many responders reach.

    firespreadoverrough.thumb.jpg.5918fca7b572334bb6a58d63ec912948.jpgEven areas that were accessible on foot were full of challenges.

    attemptingtoreachfire.thumb.jpg.fb478a6dc474d5908c7d956023e4b8d8.jpgThere seemed to be an endless flow of water onto the fire, but the fire was still a challenge at every step.

    extremeheights.thumb.jpg.1c62cece097f8491f04dc02424ea2446.jpgAfter the fire crews were able to enjoy the great sights from the areas that whey prevented the fire from burning.

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