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    2015 Wildland Fires Training

    On March 8th members from Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company tested their skills and refreshed their memories about brush fires.  This drill included testing and preparing our Heavy Brush's pumps, chainsaws, generators, and other equipment for the upcoming brush fire season.  Members were able to use all of the equipment and had time for pumping with our Heavy Brush.  We also went over the wild land based equipment on our Engine and Tanker to ensure everything was in working order.  Once members had hands on time with all of our equipment, we went to Lily Lake and did a larger scale pumping exercise that involved both our Engine and Brush units.

    Pond Hill-Lily Lake's Heavy Brush unit is a Ex-Military 2.5 Ton beast that carries 1,000 gallons of water, 1,500 feet of hose, two pumps, one generator, chainsaws, leaf blowers, 7 Indian water tanks, and multiple of hand tools.



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