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Training Program Restarted!

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Department has restarted their monthly drill program!  These drills will be aimed at improving our members’ ability to operate our apparatus, tools, and to greatly improve our teamwork on the fire scene.   The goal is to have a drill on the last Saturday of every month at 2pm, but it may be adjusted to fit events and holidays in, check our events list for the next drill!

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An Endless Brotherhood

If you look at the members of Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company you may see a group of individuals that are just trying to get by, however, this is far from the truth.  An aging fire station, a list of needed supplies that can’t even fit on a single piece of paper, and one of the smallest groups of members in the area; the challenges for PHLL’s firefighters seem endless.  However, when you ask one of them how life at the station is going you get a different attitude, a mindset that you do not see much of anymore.  You get a response that makes you feel like their station is brand new and their numbers are endless.  No member seems to complain about the old equipment, but instead they look forward to the new gear their next grant will get them.  Their members are happy to work for what they have and seem willing to work past all the issues.

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Notice to Mutual Aid!

The dry hydrant at Lily Lake (the one in the parking lot, not the one on the road) is currently unusable during a fire scene!  The parts are in to repair it, but it must be done in warmer weather and therefore is on hold.  The hydrant currently leaks air into the system and causes suction loss.  It can be used to fill a truck directly off of it (slowly), but can not support multiple truck operations.  It is advised to use the secondary hydrant in the area or simply use the lake itself until repairs can be made.

Please be aware!  If you do use the boat launch itself to get water, be aware not to trap any bystanders on the lake.

State Grant Approved!

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Department has been approved for $12,161.20 from the PA state grant!  This money will be going towards new hose nozzles and a few miscellaneous equipment expenses.  Some of the money is also being set aside for truck payments so our department can stay ahead of the finical game.


Mutual Aid

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