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Lee Road Brush Fire

Around 11:00AM on August 10th, Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company was dispatched for our Brush Tanker (our Heavy Brush Truck) to assist Mocanaqua's Fire Company with a large brush fire.  Once en route, crews realized that the fire was larger than a average brush fire as more and more units were being dispatched for response.  The fire itself was not only growing at a fast pace, it was also located down a nearly inaccessible access road.  Below is a list of units that we know were at the fire:

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Dump Site Drill

For our June training session, Pond Hill-Lily Lake ran a Dump Site drill that included setting up a single pond and dual pond dump site, supplying water between multiple ponds, and doing a dry run with a tanker.

What is a "Dump Site"?  During a large fire a lot of water is needed to either extinguish the fire or to simply control it.  This water is normally obtained via fire hydrants, directly out of local pools/ponds, or water tankers.  However during large brush fires other sources may be used, such as planes and relays.  The dump site is used mostly during rural fires where hydrants are not available or hydrants are not big enough for the fire.  It is generally one or two fire engines set up with one or more portable ponds and is the receiving point for water tankers or even a water relay system.  The dump site is directly responsible for supplying the fire apparatus (fire trucks) at the fire with the water when needed.

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Upcoming Craft Show!

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company will be the location for an Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Fundraising Craft Fair/Vendor Show on June 7th.  There will be food, crafts, Chinese auctions, and much more including a bake sale!  The event is open to the public and will run rain or shine.

So come on out and support a great cause and have a good time as well!

For more information visit the event’s page at: http://pondhillfire.com/index.php/upcoming-events/8-first-annual-alzheimer-s-foundation-of-america-fundraising-craft-fair-vendor-show/event_details

PA Starts Pushing Yellow Dot Program

People drive nearly everyday of their lives and sadly it has become one of the most dangerous activities for a person to do.  First responders are continuously improving their skills, techniques, and equipment to save lives during motor vehicle accidents, but no one has truly found a way to improve the situation when the victim is unresponsive or confused, until now.  When a responder can not place a name, medical history, or allergy list to the victim then all of a sudden common medical problems can be overlooked and life saving medicines can kill.

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Brush Fire Training Drill

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Volunteer Fire Department will be having a brush fire based in-house drill on Saturday March 29th.  This drill will be geared towards preparing our members for the upcoming brush fire season.  This is also a good time to note that residents should watch what they are burning and always have a water source ready to put out any fire that begins to spread away from the source.  Please do not burn anything outside during a very dry, windy day.

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Mutual Aid

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