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Hollow Road Bridge Closed

As many of the local residents have learned, the wooden bridge on Hollow Rd (in Conyngham Town) has been shut down to all traffic by Luzerne County.  While this is a township road, the bridge itself is maintained by the county and emergency repairs are needed before traffic will be allowed over the bridge.  Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company, Mocanaqua Fire Company, and Pond Hill-Lily Lake Ambulance are working together with mutual aid companies to ensure the residents on the other side of the bridge are protected should an emergency arise in the area.  

There are numerous ways around this bridge, however we do not recommend Horseshoe Mountain Rd as it is often a rough path due to rain wash out.

We currently do not have very much information about when repairs will take place.  We were told that is may be an extended time due to budget issues and unlikely to even started before the next tax season.


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