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2015 MVA Awareness Training

On February 22nd crews from Pond Hill-Lily Lake did an in station training session for Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs).  The drill took place to refresh crews and patient packaging and extrication techniques used during MVAs.  Crews went over the equipment needed to safely and effectively remove a person entrapped or confined in a vehicle after an accident has occurred.  

Crews also went over transporting a patent up embankments and over rough terrain.  Crews were able to secure a person into a basket stretcher and successfully upright the person without them moving or compromising cervical spine security.  This practice is used to practice transporting patients over rough terrain or even when lifting or lowering a patient vertically during rope rescue.


While not a EMS unit ourselves, we try to achieve the highest standards with patient care when supporting our local EMS units on secure.  All of our MVA related training has at least one EMT-B or Paramedic present to enforce proper packaging standards and usage of equipment.  In fact, many of our members are cross trained within the EMS field to enhance our abilities on scene.


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