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Brush Fire Training Drill

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Volunteer Fire Department will be having a brush fire based in-house drill on Saturday March 29th.  This drill will be geared towards preparing our members for the upcoming brush fire season.  This is also a good time to note that residents should watch what they are burning and always have a water source ready to put out any fire that begins to spread away from the source.  Please do not burn anything outside during a very dry, windy day.


This drill is aimed towards improving, or in some cases simply reminding, our members ability to fight brush fires.  Brush fires need skills and training in not only pump operations, but other equipment skills such as chain saws, portable water tanks, and even generators for night time operations.  Fire line tactics and off-road water movement tactics will also be touched on.

This will also be our department's first official drill since starting our training program back up!!!

If bad weather or other unforeseen event were to take place to prevent us from doing an outside based drill, we will be substituting an air pack drill in it's place.

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