Our Apparatus

Our Apparatus

218 Engine 1

Type: Pumper
Make: Kenworth
Model: Wolverine Pumper
Seats: Two
Tank Size: 1500 Gallons
Foam Tank Size: POK Foam System
Pump Size: 1250 GPM
Portable Pond Size: None
Special Features: Fill Site Distributor, Rope Rescue, Ventilation, Water Rescue
Brief Description: Fire engines as most people know, are the trucks that actively fight a fire.  Our engine is designed to be slightly smaller then most as it needs to fit down a lot of small drivways and dirt roads, but don't be fulled by it's size as we have managed to fit it with one of the biggest pumps and largest water tanks in the area.

218 Pumper-Tanker 1

Type: Pumper-Tanker
Make: Peterbilt
Model: Southern Fire Pumper-Tanker
Seats: Two
Tank Size: 3000 Gallons
Foam Tank Size: POK Foam System
Pump Size: 1500 GPM
Portable Pond Size: 3000 Gallons
Special Features: Portable Pond, RIT Pack, Ventilation
Brief Description: Tankers in general are designed to move water from point A to point B.  Our main tanker is designed to be a pumper-tanker which means that it is able to not only haul water, but also preform as an engine on a scene to attack a fire directly.  With computerized systems and push button controls, our Pumper-Tanker 1 can handle nearly any fire related job throw at it with a minimal crew.

218 Brush-Tanker 1

Type: Heavy Brush
Make: AM General
Seats: Two
Tank Size: 1000 Gallons
Foam Tank Size: None
Pump Size: 1 Low Pressure System, 1 High Pressure System
Portable Pond Size: None
Special Features: Portable Indian Tanks
Brief Description: Brush trucks are designed to go off-road and battle a fire where a regular fire engine can not reach.  Our heavy brush truck is an ex-military beast that can tackle terrain most other trucks can not.  With one of the largest water supplies on a brush truck and excellent off-road ability, our Brush 1 has always been able to get to the fire's source and prevent further damage.


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