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2015 Wildland Fires Training

On March 8th members from Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company tested their skills and refreshed their memories about brush fires.  This drill included testing and preparing our Heavy Brush's pumps, chainsaws, generators, and other equipment for the upcoming brush fire season.  Members were able to use all of the equipment and had time for pumping with our Heavy Brush.  We also went over the wild land based equipment on our Engine and Tanker to ensure everything was in working order.  Once members had hands on time with all of our equipment, we went to Lily Lake and did a larger scale pumping exercise that involved both our Engine and Brush units.

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2015 MVA Awareness Training

On February 22nd crews from Pond Hill-Lily Lake did an in station training session for Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs).  The drill took place to refresh crews and patient packaging and extrication techniques used during MVAs.  Crews went over the equipment needed to safely and effectively remove a person entrapped or confined in a vehicle after an accident has occurred.  

Crews also went over transporting a patent up embankments and over rough terrain.  Crews were able to secure a person into a basket stretcher and successfully upright the person without them moving or compromising cervical spine security.  This practice is used to practice transporting patients over rough terrain or even when lifting or lowering a patient vertically during rope rescue.

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New Thermal Imaging Camera

We would like to thank Salem Township Volunteer Fire Company for their generous donation of a thermal imaging camera.  This device can be used to search for heat sources and hot spots involved with structure and wildland fires.  These can also be used to help during search and rescue situations to find heat sources generated from a lost person.

These devices generally run for thousands of dollars and can easily top $10,000 new once all the needed mounting and accessories are added on.  While the device was donated awhile ago, we have finally achieved the personal training and secondary equipment to place it on our Engine 1.

2014 TOG and SCBA Training

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company held our annual Turn Out Gear (TOG) and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) training this weekend.

Our newest Turn Out Gear, which is the clothing we wear during a fire, was presented to all members and the details of it's protective levels, cleaning, and setup where evaluated.  While most fire fighters view TOG skills and education as basic skills, the need to review them is always present as even a small mistake can be life-threatening.  Preventative maintenance and cleaning for TOG is becoming more and more essential as our average set of gear is priced at $3,000 per member.

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Electronic Devices Training Complete

Members of Pond Hill-Lily Lake successfully completed their in house training for their electronic devices.  These devices included:

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Thermal Detection Guns
  • Gas Meters
  • Voltage Detection Decives
  • PASS Alarms

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