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PA Starts Pushing Yellow Dot Program

People drive nearly everyday of their lives and sadly it has become one of the most dangerous activities for a person to do.  First responders are continuously improving their skills, techniques, and equipment to save lives during motor vehicle accidents, but no one has truly found a way to improve the situation when the victim is unresponsive or confused, until now.  When a responder can not place a name, medical history, or allergy list to the victim then all of a sudden common medical problems can be overlooked and life saving medicines can kill.

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Upcoming Craft Show!

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company will be the location for an Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Fundraising Craft Fair/Vendor Show on June 7th.  There will be food, crafts, Chinese auctions, and much more including a bake sale!  The event is open to the public and will run rain or shine.

So come on out and support a great cause and have a good time as well!

For more information visit the event’s page at: http://pondhillfire.com/index.php/upcoming-events/8-first-annual-alzheimer-s-foundation-of-america-fundraising-craft-fair-vendor-show/event_details

Training Program Restarted!

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Department has restarted their monthly drill program!  These drills will be aimed at improving our members’ ability to operate our apparatus, tools, and to greatly improve our teamwork on the fire scene.   The goal is to have a drill on the last Saturday of every month at 2pm, but it may be adjusted to fit events and holidays in, check our events list for the next drill!

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Brush Fire Training Drill

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Volunteer Fire Department will be having a brush fire based in-house drill on Saturday March 29th.  This drill will be geared towards preparing our members for the upcoming brush fire season.  This is also a good time to note that residents should watch what they are burning and always have a water source ready to put out any fire that begins to spread away from the source.  Please do not burn anything outside during a very dry, windy day.

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An Endless Brotherhood

If you look at the members of Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company you may see a group of individuals that are just trying to get by, however, this is far from the truth.  An aging fire station, a list of needed supplies that can’t even fit on a single piece of paper, and one of the smallest groups of members in the area; the challenges for PHLL’s firefighters seem endless.  However, when you ask one of them how life at the station is going you get a different attitude, a mindset that you do not see much of anymore.  You get a response that makes you feel like their station is brand new and their numbers are endless.  No member seems to complain about the old equipment, but instead they look forward to the new gear their next grant will get them.  Their members are happy to work for what they have and seem willing to work past all the issues.

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Mutual Aid

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