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Calendars are Back for 2017!

Our raffle calendars are back for 2017 and are currently available!

As per community feedback our calendars have returned as a standard monthly calendar design, but with two chances to win each day!.

That is right, for $35 you have the chance to win up to $250 a day TWICE!  This also doubles your chance to win the $10,000 grand prize each month. 

How does it work?

Each calendar is assigned two 3 digit numbers, these numbers (ranging 000 to 999) are selected via the Pennsylvania Evening Pick-3 each day and if you number gets selected you win the prize listed for that day!  (Prizes range from $30 to $250 each day).

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2016 Wildland Fires Drill

Wildland fires, brush fires, woodland fires, wilderness fires, or whatever you may call them by have been a growing concern and problem for our area.  If you checked out our Brush Fire Safety article, you can see that these fires are often manmade and are growing in both size and number yearly.  Our department has been placing a large amount of resources and training towards being better prepared and more effective at fighting these fires.  As of this training day, wildland fires have already overtaken all other types of calls for our most frequent event this year.

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2016 Refresher Training

Pond Hill-Lily Lake completed our annual yearly refresher training to kick off the 2016 training year!  This training is focused on providing all of our members a core skills refreshment along with preparing them for the new set of training to come.  Our officers also use this as an opportunity to pick out weaknesses and focus on those problematic skills more with upcoming training.

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2016 Ladder Training

Members of Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company completed a ladder based in-house training day to improve basic ladder techniques.  The training started with proper ladder movement and placement skills on a fire ground and then turned to how each type of ladder is utilized.  Our department carries three main types of ladders, these are single (or roof) ladders, extension ladders, and folding (or attic) ladders.  

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Thank to Post 6434 VFW

Pond Hill-Lily Lake Fire Company and all of our members would like to thank the Mocanaqua Memorial Post 6434 VFW Home Association for their generous donation to our department.  While we are always disheartened to see a local company of any kind close their doors for good, we are thankful that Post 6434 kept the community in mind and used their remaining funds to make donations to multiple community organizations, including ourselves.

The donation of $2,500 was presented by John Matusek and Robert Yazemboski at our last monthly meeting on 05/18/15.  These funds will go to firefighting equipment and daily upkeep costs of our station; allowing us to better serve and protect our community.


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